In 2011 Scott first offered a full e-bike line in their catalogue, working in close collaboration with the electronic giant Bosch. Things have moved on in the world of electric bikes both in terms of acceptance and as a consequence sales figures. Today, Scott have a e-bike range that boasts a full catalogue of 40 bikes and are a major player in the industry.

The Frame

The 2017 Scott E-Genius 910 is an alloy frame full suspension e-bike with 29 inch wheels and is backed up by an impressive 10 year limited warranty (frame only!). This top model of the 900 series, featuring the biggest names in mountain biking such as Fox suspension, Shimano brakes, Sram drive train, Maxxis tyres and Bosch E drive system. We tested the size large which fitted a rider of 5ft10 or 178cm but gave a slightly stretched out and racy feel. If you are a similar height and prefer a more compact,upright and comfortable position, then you may want to try a medium frame. This is common issue with most manufacturers as 178-180cm is almost always right in between both a medium and a large frame size.

The Scott looks great from any angle

The E-Genuis 910 has a specially designed Fox NUDE rear shock with adjustable travel (lock out-90-130mm). To compliment the rear shock Scott have specced a Fox 34 Float Performance fork with 140mm travel. Both the forks and the shock are controlled at the bars thanks to the familiar TwinLoc technology system used across the Scott full suspension mountain bike range with its three settings: open, traction, and lock-out. Not only is platform damping switched on, but the air chamber also decreases in volume and its travel is reduced.

The frame incorporates a 500wh lithium-ion battery in the down tube which provides power to the superb Bosch Performance CX 250w 36V drive motor centred low and around the bottom bracket. The power (75Nm of torque)is controlled via the new Bosch Purion Display positioned on the bars. Conveniently next to the left hand grip along with the TwinLoc lever meaning you control the level of pedal assistance and locking out of the front and rear suspension. The internal cable routing of the frame gives a sleek, neat and clean look, despite the bundle of cables coming from the bars. Scott offer the motor and battery each with a 2 year warranty.

The E-Genius has a lot of cables at the controls for convenience


Sram takes care of the drive train in the form of the NX1 11 speed system, mated to an 11-42T cassette. This spec is perfectly smooth and silent with no hint of chain slap or a dropped chain even in the roughest of trail sections. Just crisp clean shifts in every power setting.

The Shimano brakes use huge downhill sized 200mm disc rotors front and rear to pull this bike and its added weight of the motor and battery to a stop nice and predictably. The brakes are not the most fancy but they do have a good feel and suffer none of the vague bite point feel at the lever that have plagued other (more expensive) models in the current Shimano range.

The finishing kit is from Syncros, including a 760mm handle bar, a 60mm stem and a remote 120mm dropper seat post. I personally found stem too long and the 12mm rise on the bars too much for my liking on a 29er. I think a flatter and wider bar combined a shorter 50mm stem would suit my riding style better for a bike with this much travel on offer. The saddle is also Syncros and serves its purpose well, looks good and feels comfortable for longer rides. The Syncros / Shimano wheels are solid and stayed true throughout the test, if a tad on the heavy side. This is not a huge issue with e-mtbs and you really want a set of wheels to be up to the task of handling the added weight of the battery and motor especially on a 29er.

The Syncros dropper seat post ticks the box but it does not work with much finesse as we have come to expect from other manufacturers and we also had an issue by the end of the test with the post not fully extending.

This bike rolls through terrain like a tank

The bike comes equipped with the new Maxxis Forekaster tyres. This was a first ride for me on this tyre. Maxxis classifies the Forekaster as an ‘aggressive XC’ tire. They roll very well and are relatively light. Maxxis aim these tyres at winter single track and muddy XC rides. They are similar to a Schwalbe Magic Mary or Maxxis Shorty, but are less aggressive with smaller knobs to aid rolling speed. I did find at a trail centre with hard packed, wet trails that I was carrying so much speed even on the flat (thanks to the powerful motor) that it was easy for me to push the front tyre beyond its limits. These conditions are very difficult for any tyre, especially rubber aimed squarely at wintry natural single track trails. I would really like to try an even more aggressive front tyre like a Maxxis Highroller II to pair with the Forekaster on the rear. I think the slower rolling speed and added weight would be offset on an e-bike. This alternative pairing would unleash the full potential of the frame and its great suspension with huge amounts of grip.

The Ride

None of these points made on the spec are really a negative. This bike is extremely good fun to ride. It covers the ground very well on XC type single track trail climbs with the Bosch pedal assist on and yet still holds its own on steeper downhill type trails. I found to reduce the feeling of the assistance cutting in and out on the descents it is best to turn the pedal assistance right down if not turn it off as most of the time you are traveling above the 15.5MPH legal limit . The mass of the bike once rolling really makes the bike zip along.

A well thought out frame design that encompasses the battery and Bosch power system

The Fox suspension pairing worked perfectly and gave the bike an almost unstoppable feeling. Combined with the 29er wheels this bike carries speed over the most technical trail features and feels fast, even given the added weight of the battery and motor. The linear rear shock even in fully open mode felt firm and racy offering support and great handling just adding to the feeling of this bike raring to move forward.

The bike really is fast. I found it is so rapid around the trail centre loop, I spent so much time ahead of the rest of the riders (all on normal non assisted mountain bikes) in my group it verged on anti social! This is an impressive bike though and despite its cockpit componentry short comings, it all worked well together as a package and looked classy. It’s just my own riding style and opinion ask for these modifications. This is very normal of bike manufacturers to bring a bike in on budget even at this price. Changes to the cockpit and contact points are common and most consumers would make these amendments over time on in all but the most ’boutique’ of bike builds.

Geometry and Sizing


Scott E-Genius 910 Geometry


I can honestly say that this bike changed how I viewed e-bikes. It’s just begging to charge hard. The Scott E-Genius 910 looks great, its lines really work with this colour way and you can still see the awesome Scott Genius DNA behind it. Scott haven’t ventured too far from the design of their normal mtb to incorporate the Bosch power system and battery.

This is a bike I could ride all day, over just about any type of trail and not feel completely drained. E-bikes are great for riders that are maybe not as fit as others. You really can destroy Strava segments on this machine. The E-Genius is a real weapon in the hands of an experienced rider. The bike is also very long and adjustments to riding style and timing is necessary when cornering. It doesn’t take long to adjust to the added weight in the air or the power it packs when pedalling.

Some riders may find that the amount of choice of controls on the bars a little too much. Once you have spent a few days in the saddle aboard the E-Genius you get used to the options and the slightly crowded cockpit, most will find benefits far out weigh the aesthetics.

I found the battery is easily removable to place on charge. It showed two bars of charge left after a 30 mile ride and I cycled through the power settings to prolong the battery life. Only rarely needing to use the ‘Turbo’ mode. A full charge is achieved in 2.5 hours via the supplied smart charger.

I didn’t feel that it was completely necessary to have a full lock out suspension mode on a e-bike. Just with the amount of support on offer from the suspension and the grip and rolling speed of the 29 inch wheels. Throw the torque of the powerful motor into the mix and it really nullifies the need for a full lock out.


  • Rocket on the climbs thanks to the TwinLoc
  • Great riding position
  • Top choice of Bosch power unit
  • Ballistic on the descents
  • Impressive Fox suspension


  • Dropper post not the most refined or reliable
  • I’d prefer to try a more aggressive front tyre to get the best from the grip on offer

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