Lezyne take seemingly mundane products and make them look great with unique and useful, well thought out design with an attention to detail. So we just had to get a couple of essential items to test, for chucking in the back of our jersey for them days when you only need to take the bare necessities along with you.

The Lezyne V10 Multi Tool is a small and low profile packing in 10 essential tool bits making this the perfect item for modern bikes and components. Weighing in at a lowly 101g this multi tool is ideal for putting in your saddle bag or jersey. It features a chain tool (9,10,11 speed), both T25 and T30 torq bits, Hex 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm and a Philips screw driver. All bits are Forged for strength and CNC’d to give a smooth accurate finish with CrV+ for anti-corrosion. We found it’s unobtrusive and can be stuck in a pocket or tucked in a pack and forgotten about.


This multi tool is a great little bit of kit. It is light and yet has a good quality, substantial feel to it. We particularly like the aluminium side plates carry the Lezyne logo etched into the metal. The bits are still in good shape even after rushing to get bolts tightened at an angle the heads all look as good as when it was new.The size is just about the right to make it not too fiddly so can be used with your gloves on perfect for the coldest winter rides. We wouldn’t want a multi tool any smaller than this example. It’s body is just wide enough meaning you get a decent grip and purchase when you are wrenching with enough strength and leverage available I could even use it to remove and re fit my pedals on the side of the road.

It is very impressive to see a fully functioning chain tool in a multi tool of this size and weight. The chain tool is again superbly finished with the Lezyne name deeply engraved into the face. The chain tool works surprisingly well given how compact its size and manged to undo the most stubborn of links.


We would have maybe preferred to have a 2.5mm allen key instead of the 2mm. Lezyne do offer the 2.5mm in their V11 multi tool which is the same size as the V10 tested here, but then the V11 only has a Flat head screw driver rather than the arguably more useful Phillips head.

Key points

Weight 101g

Size 48W × 63L × 19H (mm)

Price £32.99 RRP

Available from http://www.lezyne.com/product-mtools-vtools.php#.WLsOoG-LTIU



Strong compact design

Beautifully finished

Wide enough grip to offer great grip and leverage during use

Chain tool is handy


No 2.5mm allen key



The Carbon Drive Lite pump is from Lezyne’s extensive hand pump range. It’s compact, lightweight (80g) pump designed for high pressure tyres. Again this item is perfect for your jersey pocket but also comes with a frame mount to secure behind your bottle cage.



It features a Matrix Carbon Technology (MCT) handle and barrel with an aluminium piston. The Carbon Drive Lite is an overlapping design and has a clever feature the reversible ABS Flex hose (compatible with Presta and Shrader valves) unscrews from inside the handle and hollow piston and fixes to the opposite end meaning the overall length is reduced making this pump so compact (180mm). This translates to the end just peeking out from your rear jersey pocket. The ABS flex hose has a pressure release valve incase you get a little too carried away which is a nice touch.



We did find the pump got very warm during use and that I struggled to get the pump to work at first until i realised that the hose has to screw onto the valve rather than it being just a push fit. It also is expensive for a hand pump, but Lezyne offer a more wallet friendly all aluminium option which only gives away 9g of weight if this beautiful Carbon finish doesn’t meet your budget.

Key points

Weight 80g

Size 180mm

Price £49.99 RRP

Available from http://www.lezyne.com/product-hpumps-hp-crbndrlite.php#.WLsw_W_yjIU



Light weight

Compact design

Beautiful carbon fibre finish

Flexible hose attachment allows frantic pumping with no valve damage



Warm during use