Pedal Addict is a blog devoted to all aspects of cycling. We aim to bring you the latest news. Reviews of bikes, components and clothing as well as places to ride, places to stay, handy tips and everything else related to life on two wheels.


My name is Dean Hersey and I am based on the South Coast of England. I have been cycling my whole life and cycling is my whole life. I am happiest when I am out pedalling one of my bikes, whether it would be racing, out with my wife or my mates or just commuting to my day job. I LOVE cycling and I am  Pedal Addict.

My back ground is mountain biking, and enjoy the challenges of racing gravity enduro. It makes me get out and train in the cold, wind and rain. I am not even close to being a professional and don’t pretend to be. I am only interested in being as well round cyclist and the best that I can possibly be.


I am also guilty of having an obsession with kit and the technology of cycling. I am a self- taught bike tweeker. I like nothing more than putting some music on and grabbing mug of my favourite coffee or a glass or two of real ale and heading out to the shed to work on the bikes.

We here at Pedal Addict are new to blogging and are definitely learning as we go. We want to provide a real life account of the bikes we ride, the kit we wear and events we ride for the followers and readers. I recruited the help of my wife Hannah to help with reviews of women’s bike and kit and put her point of view across of riding both road and mountain bikes and her opinions of the places that we ride around the UK and abroad.


There are plans to ask friends of ours who have a wealth of knowledge and experience to call upon to contribute to this blog as guest bloggers and thus giving a well-rounded view of many different aspects of this sport we are all so fond.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy!

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