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Rider’s Rig

Rider’s Rig

Ard Rock Enduro Festival 2017. My race, my story

Ard Rock Enduro Festival 2017


Baggage Claim

The contents of my bag for riding trips into the wilderness away from the van

Troy Lee Designs A2 Helmet

Troy Lee Designs are mountain bike style icons supporting some of the world's fastest racers. Read our review of their latest trail bike helmet the A2.

Santa Cruz Hightower CC Build

Have you ever wanted to spec and build your own no-nonsense and reliable super bike? Me too! In this feature we look at our custom build spec and our initial thoughts on the Santa Cruz Hightower CC. The decision I... Continue Reading →

Lezyne V10 Multi Tool and Carbon Drive Lite Pump Review

Lezyne take seemingly mundane products and make them look great with unique and useful, well thought out design with an attention to detail. So we just had to get a couple of essential items to test, for chucking in the back... Continue Reading →

Alpkit Tau Front and Rear Light Set Review

โ€œStrong, light, cheap, pick twoโ€........ A well-known quote from Keith Bontrager that rings true in many a bike product. If its light and strong it wont be at all cheap. If its cheap and light it will never last and cheap... Continue Reading →

Scott E-Genius 910 Bike Review

In 2011 Scott first offered a full e-bike line in their catalogue, working in close collaboration with the electronic giant Bosch. Things have moved on in the world of electric bikes both in terms of acceptance and as a consequence... Continue Reading →

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